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Your "Core" Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 02 2020

The fact that you are here speaks of your quest to find holiday gifty preciousesss for someone into all things aesthetic and rooted in nature.

Good humanoid, you have indeed found the right shoppe, only partially staffed by NPCs.

The best-chosen gifts, in the most humble opinion of the humans here, are ones that bring comfort, usefulness, beauty, and a bit of whimsy. As luck would have it, the gift packs we have collected for you this year each have all those things

To find the best one for the person on your gift list this year, answer we these questions (*counts real quick*) SIX.

What's Their Core Quiz

1) What season do they like best?

A: Spring, when winter is finally over and it isn't social summer yet
B: Summer, when everyone is out and playing in the sun
C: Autumn, when it's cool outside and the food is really good
D: Winter, when it's beautiful outside, but moreso inside with a good warm drink
E: All of them, so long as they're outside, preferably camping

2) What sorts of clothes do they wear?

A: Something with magical little details
B: Something cute and vintage
C: Something dramatic, often with an amulet or talisman
D: An actual cloak if it were socially acceptable, but more likely tweed
E: Boots and flannel

3) What makes them happy?

A: A quiet spot to talk to the trees and the creatures that live in them
B: A comfy cozy nest-like space for crafts and naps and tea and books
C: Moss, rocks, feathers, leaves, shiny things
D: Classics, and things done well, like the works of Tolkien and Bulleit, for instance
E: Solitude and bushcraft

4) What's their favorite movie genre?

A: Indie
B: Comedy
C: Horror
D: Fantasy
E: Survival Adventure

5) You're taking them camping. Where are you staying?

A: Treehouse
B: Secluded beach
C: Tent camping on an island you have to paddle to
D: Cozy cabin in the mountains
E: Backpacking somewhere really remote

6) What special treat did you bring for them on the above-mentioned trip?

A: A nice oolong
B: Weed, honestly
C: A dark and crafty craft beer
D: Steaks and a cast iron
E: A solid bourbon, but nothing fancy

To craft these gift packs o' magic, we turned to the Webs of Inter, particularly our newfound timesuckhole TikTok and the "cores." For those of us who just learned of these things recently, a "core" is like a "vibe" or an aesthetic.

Now tally up your choices, and follow the link to perfect gift pack for your person. If you need help breaking a tie, give an extra point to answers you feel extra strongly about! Or just peruse all of the guides and get ideas…

Mostly A: Faecore

Mostly B: Cottagecore

Mostly C: Goblincore

Mostly D: Wizardcore

Mostly E: Naturecore

Here's to an epic holiday and easy gifting, Realm.

extra special thanks to the most epic costume rental caverns of all time, just down the street at all dressed up costumes



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