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Your "Core" Holiday Gift Guide: Cottagecore

Posted on November 02 2020

If not actively cozy, plotting to get cozy. Hates all seasons but summer, makes the best of the rest. Crafty af, or wants to be real bad. Likes things vintage, sentimental, and flipping CUTE.

“What’s Their Core” Quiz Results

  1. What season do they like best? Summer, when everyone is out and playing in the sun
  2. What sorts of clothes do they wear? Something cute and vintage
  3. What makes them happy? A comfy cozy nest-like space for crafts and naps and tea and books
  4. What's their favorite movie genre? Comedy
  5. You're taking them camping. Where are you staying? Secluded beach
  6. What special treat did you bring for them on the above-mentioned trip? Weed, honestly

If that sounds on brand for the object of your gifting, read on. Want to try again? Head on back to the quiz. Not that there are any wrong answers here.

For the externally somewhat youthful, internally old person in your life, we crafted a collection inspired by summertime and all things cute, crafty, and incredibly cozy:

  1. Candle by the Hour: 70 Hour Beehive Candle Inspired by old-fashioned suitor candles, this is a perfectly old timey way to time your evening reading or needlework before bed.
  2. Spot Colors: Personal Space Cross Stitch Kit Everything an introvert needs to craft their feelings.
  3. Aesthete Tea: Mint + Green Tea Hot or iced, this blend will put you in mind of summer even when there is nothing remotely summery happening.
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Summer Lip Butter Pack The Apothecary’s summery flavored lip butter pack, made right here, by us, to sate your lippy flavor cravings.

Want more cottage & crafty gift ideas of a summertime vibe? Let us present an entire collection…



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