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About River Peak Apothecary

Huzzah, you're here! If you're on this page, you may be wondering how we got here.

Welcome to River Peak Apothecary. It started way back in 2014 when we opened a little two chair barbershop in Batavia Illinois.

A year later, we were tinkering with the perfect beard oil formula, smelling of the seasons we have in such abundance here in the Middle West and River Peak Apothecary was born.

All these years later, the thing we call Beardsgaard had exploded into a barbershop with a worldwide reputation, a whole slew of staff, and ever more products made from the best natural ingredients of lore, each evoking a story-filled location in the fantasy Realm of Beardsgaard.

Meanwhile, the Apothecary became a real gift shop - in January of 2020. We muscled through a pandemic and endless construction water main construction/sidewalk replacement outside our doors for two years, but in that time we reevaluated what was most important to us, the real people behind two businesses.

We decided to simplify life and business, and focus on what we do and love best - build this fantasy world and make our grooming products, as opposed to doing battle with two entire 1800's era, 1700 square foot buildings and all the fun surprises they throw at you. Just one would do fine.

Now we have returned to our roots, making our fine goods in a small slice of Beardsgaard Barbers, testing them on the army of wooly Wildling product junkies that come through our doors, and crafting an entire world along the way, with elaborate costumes, running around in the woods with swords when we get the chance.

With our Beardsgaard business other half, we have even worked out a way to transport you to the fantasy world of our products.

Light a crackling wood wick candle to whisk you away to the kingdom of the elves, gods or giants.

Oil up your beard with the stories of dark ruins and ancient forests.

Perform a ritual scrub with a cloak of protection from the celestial falls of the water elementals.

The stories never end when we gather the Heroes of Beardsgaard for Dungeons & Dragons games, and you join us in the lively premieres on YouTube.

They say when you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life, which seems like a lie when doing what you love creates so many things to wash, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Journey to Our Realm, nerds. We have all the good stuff here.

The Barbers,
Tyler & Natalie Anderson
{otherwise known as Beardsmith and Blademaiden}


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