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Welcome to the Realm,
Potential Stockist!

You have come to this place, this moment in time, reading this very page, because your quest to seek out the finest, most unique grooming treasures for your clientele has come to its end.

Rest assured, this page is the doorway to what you seek.

The grooming & lifestyle goods contained in these pages are created and handcrafted by barber nerds, those students and teachers of hair and skincare lore and legend, tested on that army of wooly wildlings with refined tastes that we call clients.

Because we here in the Middle West are entirely too familiar with the turning of the seasons, we crafted our scents to evoke the spirits of spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's almost as if we bottled the seasons themselves.

The goods of the Apothecary are crafted with a perfumer’s palette, wrapped in clean and simple packaging that begs to be touched, inviting textures that connect, and design that upon closer examination, draws one deeper into the experience.

River Peak Apothecary products possess the sort of magic that tumbles you further down the rabbit hole, with more to explore upon every turn, right down to elaborate written mythology.

From barbershops and salons to gift shoppes, nerd emporiums, and other purveyors of refinement, these goods bring seasons and sorcery to your shelves.

Journey to our realm and order at your pleasure.