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Your "Core" Holiday Gift Guide: Faecore

Posted on November 02 2020

Probably really into Ren Faire. Doing their best to live in another realm. Better friends with animals than people. Has an obscene amount of plants.

“What’s Their Core” Quiz Results

  1. What season do they like best? Spring, when winter is finally over and it isn't social summer yet
  2. What sorts of clothes do they wear? Something with magical little details
  3. What makes them happy? A quiet spot to talk to the trees and the creatures that live in them
  4. What's their favorite movie genre? Indie
  5. You're taking them camping. Where are you staying? Treehouse
  6. What special treat did you bring for them on the above-mentioned trip? A nice oolong

If that sounds on brand for the object of your gifting, read on. Want to try again? Head on back to the quiz. Not that there are any wrong answers here.

For the woodland spirit in your life this holiday, we crafted a collection inspired by springtime and all things fresh bright and absolutely lovely:

  1. Karacotta Ceramics: Ceramic Abalone Smudge Dish Rimmed in 22 carat gold, these stunning smudge dishes are glazed in the whites and blues of the ocean.
  2. Cabine Monde: Sunshine Sage Smudge Bundle California grown, with proceeds going to environmental causes in California, this is a beautifully wrapped ritual of intentional living.
  3. Meadowland Syrup: Sweet Bird Simple Syrup Sampler Collection Simple syrups the bring the flavors of springtime to cocktails, lemonade, sparkling water, baked goods and more.
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Spring Lip Butter Pack The Apothecary’s springtime flavored lip butter pack, made right here, by us, to sate your lippy flavor cravings.

Want more fae & nature spirit gift ideas of a springtime vibe? Let us present an entire collection…



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