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Completing the Fellowship of the Scrubs

Posted on May 20 2022

As we have built this product line from a handful of beard oils to an ever-expanding line of grooming and lifestyle goods, we have grown the bootstrap way: launching new products when we both had just the right thing prepared, and we had the finances in place for it.

When we began formulating our scrubs, we had planned to make four seasons of them. We had blends we loved prepared for spring through autumn, but winter was eluding us still. We decided to go ahead and launch the three client testers kept clamoring for.

Once we began work on the body butters of matching scents and key ingredients, we found a truly stellar winter scent and formula, plus a coconut oil-based, no scent added fifth member of the fellowship.

The wait was worth it, because these buttery scrubs are perfectly silky polishing potions. Try them like this:

  • Silverwing's peppermint essential oil lights up the nerve endings of your feet, while the pumice gives you extra scrubbing, and the tucuma butter leaves them feeling like silk. Use it all over your body, but keep it far away from...ehrm...sensitive bits.
  • Everspring is our gentlest scrub, meant for body, hands and even faces, with no essential oils or scent added.

As we were making out last two formulas, plus the original three, we realized we made a mistake with the amber jars - we used beautifully colored clays both to absorb just enough oil to leave skin with a velvety finish, but to make a product with a beautiful color. And so we repackaged them in clear jars to let their jewel-like hues shine through.

Each scrub has a unique scent AND formula tailored to different skin types and seasonal needs. Click through to each to find your favorite!



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