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Your "Core" Holiday Gift Guide: Naturecore

Posted on November 02 2020

Beyond liking animals, may be one of their kind. Would live alone in the woods if possible. Fire pit master. Pays attention, takes notes.

“What’s Their Core” Quiz Results

  1. What season do they like best? All of them, so long as they're outside, preferably camping
  2. What sorts of clothes do they wear? Boots and flannel
  3. What makes them happy? Solitude and bushcraft
  4. What's their favorite movie genre? Survival Adventure
  5. You're taking them camping. Where are you staying? Backpacking somewhere really remote
  6. What special treat did you bring for them on the above-mentioned trip? A solid bourbon, but nothing fancy

If that sounds on brand for the object of your gifting, read on. Want to try again? Head on back to the quiz. Not that there are any wrong answers here.

For the well-traveled, well-read, outdoorsy folk in your life, we crafted a collection inspired by nature, and the things that are nice to have when you are in it:

  1. Wazoo Survival Gear: Bushcraft Firestarter Leather Necklace You never know when you’re going to need a flint and steel - may as well wear it at all times, eh?
  2. Cognitive Surplus: Earth’s Geology Hardcover Notebook Few notebooks better suited to chronicling your natural notations and findings.
  3. Smarty Pants Paper Co.: Biomes Pencils Write with the forest pencil in the woods, the desert pencil in the mesa, the grassland pencil in a meadow…the aquatic one might be a bit tougher…
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Deepwell Beard Balm The Apothecary’s best kept secret multitasker - a savior of dry, cracked skin all over, lips, hands, elbows, and yes, beards too.

Want more natural & practical gift ideas of an outdoorsy vibe? Let us present an entire collection…



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