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The Apothecary Bath Bar

Posted on August 12 2021

We always dreamed of the sort of apothecary that has shelves of corked glass jars and bottles containing the bountiful botanicals of the Realm for its inhabitants to portion to their desires and will.

And it's happeniiiiing!!! Right now. With the Apothecary's DIY Bath Bar.

What are Facial Steams, Bath Teas and Bath Soaks, why do you want them and how do you use them, you ask? Glad you asked such a detailed question, because we wrote posts about each of those things.

With our Apothecary Bath Bar you can make gorgeous jars of self care as a personalized gift, or for yourself. Best of all, you can come back for refills!

Peruse the menu below to build a blend tailored to your skin needs, or just what your eyes and nose like (our options are pretty universally skin friendly).

Open Wednesday - Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-4



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