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A Guide to Facial Steams

Posted on August 12 2021

Do facial steams seem far too luxurious for your lifestyle? We were also those people. Then we found out how easy, affordable and crazy beneficial it is for skin and realized something. If we can make tea and occasionally moisturize, we can SO make a facial steam part of our skincare routine.

The Skin Benefits of Facial Steaming

The Apothecary was founded by barbers, who know a thing or two about the benefits of steam for the face. When you open your pores you let the gross stuff out (like dirt, oil, and bacteria), and let good stuff get in (like botanicals in the steam, and anything you put on it afterward, like the beautiful skincare products of Earth Harbor Naturals).

Steam also increases the blood flow in you face, which helps...everything really? Your complexion, collagen and elastic production, which keeps skin youthful. Finally, if you have problem sinuses, nothing loosens things up like a good steam.

How to Use a Facial Steam

You can make a whole ritual out of this but it's a pretty simple process. You will need a small pot, your steam botanicals, a bowl, and a fluffy towel.

With a clean face and neck, boil up a few cups of water and toss in a tablespoon or two of your blend, giving it a stir. Let your tea simmer for a couple minutes, then pour into your bowl.

Drape that fluffy towel over the bowl, and hold your head about 6 inches above the water, breathing slowly for 5-10 minutes, or until you loose your steam.

With our Apothecary Bath Bar, you can make your own facial steam blend tailored to your skin needs, or just what your eyes and nose like (our options are pretty universally skin friendly).

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