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A Guide to Bath Teas

Posted on August 12 2021

Bath. Tea? It's both just what it sounds like and possibly not what you're thinking.

Florals and other botanicals have been used for skincare for time immemorial, but these days we usually think of their extracts being used for such purposes in lotions and the like. Cut out the middleman and take those botanicals straight to the tub to soak with you.

How to Use a Bath Tea

If you have one of those drain protector thingies, you can feel truly luxurious by just tossing a small handful of bath tea into the tub. You can also contain the tea in a teabag or other tea strainer just like you would for a cuppa!

With our Apothecary Bath Bar, you can make your own bath tea blend tailored to your skin needs, or just what your eyes and nose like (our options are pretty universally skin friendly).

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