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Ingredient Spotlight: Lemon

Posted on August 16 2018

Our beard goods are crafted from all-natural ingredients, with scent compositions inspired by the seasons and built upon the tenets of natural perfumery. In this series, we shine the spotlight on the ingredients that make Dragonsea beard oils, balms and waxes so intoxicating.

Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Origin: Italy

Process: Cold Pressed Essential Oil

Plant Part: Peels

Note: Top

Aroma: Intense, lemon-fresh aroma with a zesty, tangy/tart top note.

While the exact origin of the lemon is a mystery, it is though to have originated in Assam, and lemon remains dating back over 2000 years have been found in the Roman Forum.

The lemon is itself a hybrid of one of the original citrus fruits, the citron, and the sour orange, and far older than the grapefruit we use alongside it in this blend.

With such a long history in the Mediterranean, it is little wonder the vibrant zing of lemon features so heavily in food from that region today.

But lemon was never part of our plan for Dragonsea. The original citrus top note of this blend was Yuzu, a Japanese cousin of the lemon. It had the tart, bittersweet note we were looking for, with a touch more of a refined floral dryness.

And then it disappeared from the face of the earth for a little bit, right around the time we needed to order labels. When it comes to natural ingredients, everything is at the mercy of our ever changing planet and supply lines, these things happen.

Luckily, as nearly the entire citrus genus is a spiderweb of hybrid blends (see more on that in our Grapefruit post), we could create nearly the same natural chemical compound with lemon and white grapefruit essential oils. So that’s what we did.

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