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Ingredient Spotlight: White Grapefruit

Posted on August 14 2018

Our beard goods are crafted from all-natural ingredients, with scent compositions inspired by the seasons and built upon the tenets of natural perfumery. In this series, we shine the spotlight on the ingredients that make Dragonsea beard oils, balms and waxes so intoxicating.

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

Origin: USA

Process: Expressed Essential Oil

Plant Part: Peels

Note: Top Note

Aroma: Fresh, light, citrusy, sweet, slightly bitter aroma with a rather pithy note in the drydown; somewhat similar to that of Bitter Orange and has the least sweetness of our three Grapefruit oils.

While a great many of the oils we use in our products are ancient and natural in origin, when you come right down to it, grapefruit is almost entirely man made, and an infant among the world’s edibles at only a few hundred years old.

The roots of the first citrus trees belonged to citrons, pomelos and mandarins, native to south and east Asia. These early trees were quite frisky with their fellow citrus plants, and highly prone to mutation. Soon, due to both nature and human intervention, the trees were almost entirely infertile on their own.

Grapefruit is not a naturally occurring fruit, but a hybrid that originated in Barbados in 1750, the result of an accidental cross between a sweet orange and a pomelo. From there the plant hopped over to Jamaica, where the first pink grapefruit variety was documented in 1823.

It wasn’t until 1929 that the first of today’s most popular grapefruit varieties, the Ruby Red, was discovered on a south Texas farm in 1929. Each variety was sweeter than the last, with the Ruby Red containing a high amount of vitamin A, unlike it’s more tart cousins.

The crisp and tangy, slightly bitter slightly sweet zing you get from a simple white grapefruit is the reason we chose it to crown the top notes of Dragonsea. 

The Champaca lends us the sweetness we require in this blend, a sweeter citrus would be too cloying. A dry, refined citrus is what we’re after, and that is what white grapefruit brings to the fete.

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