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The Stories of the Realm

Posted on February 11 2022

Having created the world of Beardsgaard, you can imagine that when we decided to delve deeper into our craft and introduce our own product line, we felt we also needed to delve deeper into the mythology we had been creating amongst ourselves.

We already had the map of the Realm on the wall, after all. So when it came to creating the scents of our grooming goods, we first looked to the seasons that our corner of the world has in abundance, all from natural sources.

And then came the names, which are added as locations on the map, each with a mythology all its own. When we can actually gather the whole crew together, we even play Dungeons & Dragons in this world we created (and you can watch on Twitch or the Beardsgaard YouTube channel)!

Our grooming and fragrance potions are crafted from beautiful ingredients to perform to the exacting standards of our founder and clients, but more than that, they tell a story.

When you burn our candles, oil up to unsheath your razor blade, or massage your skin with our body butter, you can lay a veneer of fantasy over the real world and transport yourself to your favorite season. Or to the frozen giant lands of Jotunheim, or the glittering shores of Asgard, or to the enchanted forests of the elves...



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