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The Faces of Beardsgaard • Spiritbrook

Posted on July 23 2017

The faces of Beardsgaard series takes you inside the story and the world of each of our products ~ our real live regular clients, cut by the barbers of Beardsgaard, groomed by River Peak Apothecary, and on location, often just off the beaten path.

Journey to our realm, nerds. And make sure to catch the full video at the bottom of this post.

Photos: Jim Richards


The human animal has five senses, but only two of them pass through the portion of the mind linked to emotion and memory.

Photo: Natalie Anderson

Of the five, only taste and smell can instantly bring to you faraway and long ago places.

A favorite childhood treat baking in the oven.

The way a favorite aunt's house sometimes smelled like something heady you couldn't identify until you were a teenager.

The exact scent of the leaves underfoot that afternoon of your first kiss.

It is for this simple reason that we made a whole year of the scents of the seasons, so that you can change along with them.

Photo: Natalie Anderson

Spiritbrook is for: Spring days after a rain when the early trees are in full bloom.


Having created the world of Beardsgaard, you can imagine that when we decided to delve deeper into our craft and introduce our own product line, we felt we also needed to delve deeper into the mythology we had been creatinag amongst ourselves.

We already had the map of the Realm on the wall, after all. So when it came to creating the scents of our beard oils, we first looked to the seasons that our corner of the world gets in abundance, all from natural sources.

And then came the names, which get added as locations on the map, each with a mythology all its own.

Photos: Left: Jim Richards / Right: Natalie Anderson

Our beard oils, balms and butters are created by barbers to tame the most Ent-like beards of the thousands we encounter, but more than that, they tell a story.

This is the story of Spiritbrook.


The mythology of the realm of Beardsgaard grows and grows. And we do not speak of some metaphorical mythos of a business, we actually started writing origin stories, and kept writing.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

In the mythology, a gerbil with delusions of grandeur undertakes a grand quest, nearly perishes, obtains the powers of the gods, and launches an all-out assault on the kingdom of men with the help of his thralled rodent brethren. Things get pretty fuzzy.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

Just as order appeared to have settled over the lands, there came whispers from the south where the great tree of Eredh grew. For in the south was another god, in secret rising to power and gathering an army.
This was not a god created by Êl, but by a creature’s sheer ambitions, built of pure chaos and id. And its name…was Kevin.

Photo: Natalie Anderson

Read the whole thing, and keep up with the story as it unfolds.


This is Andy Havrilechko, one of our long-time clients, and a favorite of our Shop Kid, due to his full sleeve of rainbow Zelda tattoos.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

If we needed someone to personify Kevin, the world-domination-inclined rainbow flying gerbil of our mythology, it was definitely going to be Andy and his metalhead inclinations. And because we grew up on such things, there’s a healthy smattering of grown up Calvin & Hobbes inspiration in there too.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

There’s more to the story, including the locations we used here, in the Spiritbrook IRL post on the Beardsgaard Barbers blog.


For Spiritbrook we returned to one of the the locations from our first Faces of Beardsgaard shoot, in the same little patch of forest preserve as the 19th Century monastic shrine in the woods.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

But this time we didn’t go to the shrine, we walked the other little trails of the preserve. We found a huge, gnarled, fallen oak tree in the woods and climbed it. We splashed through the cool creek water, hopping over stones like mountain goats carrying expensive camera equipment. We wafted through fields of tall grass like Mumfords.

Photos: Jim Richards

And on such a beautiful day, with friends in the woods, life was pretty beautiful indeed.

Brook waters bubble softly about mossy rocks and green grasses wave lazily along the banks in the gentle breeze. Somewhere in the boughs, the rainbow flying gerbil flutters its wings.

Photos: Natalie Anderson

Let us take you there.

And then see the real world to River Peak's fantasy on the Beardsgaard Barbers blog.



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