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The Spirit of the Brook

Posted on April 02 2020

A darkness has fallen over the Realm, and we all shelter with our chosen ones.

In the Treehouse of Beardsgaard Manor (/the top floor of an 1856 house apartment we used to rent to make our products, now lived in by Beardsgaard staff Lauren & Teague), the current residents are starting to get weird with their favorite products.

Like Spiritbrook Beard Balm. Our biggest mistake in the making of this product was calling it “beard balm.”

As it’s just as much for the skin under a beard as a beard itself, one time after one of our staff got a tattoo, they rubbed some on it when it was healing, and it healed beautifully. We have also used it on psoriasis and eczema flareups, burns, bug bites, and even a baby’s diaper rash. What can’t it do? Literally most of the things that scroll across the screen in this video.



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