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River Peak Apothecary on Pinterest

Posted on July 12 2021

With some account or another, we have been on Pinterest since near its inception - in fact, it's helped us visually build a lot of both our businesses, both Beardsgaard and the Apothecary.

During the bulk of the pandemic, Apothecary product launches became a tad stalled, but that gave us time to thoroughly plan out the rest of our line: four seasons and an unscented product for 6 lines: Beard, Shave, Hair, Face, Body, and the 9 Realms of Fragrance.

And you know if we're setting 'em up, we're about to start knocking 'em down. If you join us on Pinterest, you'll see it all first, as it goes from inspiration to products to photo shoots to a fully realized part of the Realm of Beardsgaard.

So join us in the prettiest place on the internet, won't you?



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