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Open for Business

Posted on May 14 2019

The Apothecary is open for business, and all are invited to shop and watch your favorite local grooming goods being made. Wednesday, May 15th from 12 - 4 PM.

River Peak Apothecary may have been in existence since September 2015, but for most of its life, it was made in the little top floor kitchen of The Beardsgaards' old house.

Not our actual house's kitchen, like so many of the houses near the shop, the house was long ago split into multiple units - like many young people, River Peak Apothecary had its own apartment.

Late in 2018, we were quickly outgrowing the little space, when lo and behold, the other half of the bottom floor of the building Beardsgaard is in was available for the first time in decades. Our landlord was happy to keep the place in the family, and the Apothecary moved into real life.

As we had not been planning to move our whole operation precisely then, we bootstrapped the heck out of the buildout and have been happily making product in there ever since, while chipping away at making it a real, "can open to the public" kind of place.

Now it is that kind of place! It will be evolving for a long time/forever, but tomorrow we get to invite everyone inside and show you how your favorite local grooming goods are made.

The Apothecary will not be open every day, nor will it have set hours, but when it's time to pour things, our doors will be open.

We do hope you'll join us.



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