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The New Face of the Apothecary

Posted on March 08 2017

Natural fragrances are a beautiful thing. Plant and nature-based essential oils, CO2s and absolutes deliver a very different experience than lab-created chemical scents. Not better or worse (depending on your perspective), but natural scents, to us, take you on a journey that the man-made smells cannot.

To protect precious but volatile compounds from destructive light (especially sunlight), apothecaries of old have often employed amber bottles to filter the light. Many beard oil brands use boxes to do the job of colored glass, which also adds extra protection in shipping, which we do quite a bit of these days.

When we began River Peak Apothecary, much like its motherland barbershop of Beardsgaard, it was with some scrounged extra funds, a hiking of bootstraps, and a heck of a lot of work. We weren't able to produce or invest in the kind of packaging that we were dreaming of, but a year and a half later, our beard oils have gotten their makeover, and are now ready for their debut.

At first glance the boxes and labels and simple and clean, but as you pick up your favorite and examine it from the other angles, pop open the flap, unfold the tabs and look inside, a whole world of fantasy opens up to you.

Because of the extra protection in the form of boxes, the price of our oils has now increased slightly, but we do still have a few bottles left with the previous labels.

We want those bottles to find good homes, and because:

    • The majority of those bottles are the springier-smelling oils (use code SpringOrigins for Fjordmist and code SpiritOrigins for Spiritbrook)
    • The season is seemingly upon us:
    • You can get your original bottles in-shop or right here in the webshoppe for a mere $20 ($6 off!) with the secret codes above.

Hurry, we don't have many left, and this offer is only while supplies last.



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