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Introducing • Adventure Packs

Posted on June 18 2018

From the moment we launched our first products, a set of five beard oils in scents that echoed the seasons we get so heartily in this, the Middle West, we knew one day we would need to make a sampler pack.

Primarily because everyone kept telling us to make one. Then we made beard balms and waxes, in all the beard oil scents, plus the unscented Deepwell. The clamor for sample packs grew louder.

And now, inhabitants of the Realm, it is done, our River Peak sampler packs are out in the world. Except we called them "Adventure Packs" because it sounded cooler. And you can, like, adventure through the seasons or some such.

But ho! Which is right for YOUR beard? Let the alchemist of the apothecary break it down.

Beard Oils

Oils are just as much for the skin underneath as for the hair. Best used on damp beards, then combed or brushed through to distribute oil through the entire beard, root to ends. Go for a balm if you need a little control with your moisture, because oil has no control properties, only conditioning.

Beard Balms

The most popular formulation of the bunch (aside from our Beard Butter), balms are softer than waxes, with a higher concentration of oils and butters to beeswax. Best used on a damp beard, often right out of the shower.

Excellent for both long beards as well as short shadow beards, our balms are made to make the things on your face softer and less objectionable to whomever you are rubbing it up against (especially the short clipped beards).

Beard Waxes

Waxes are stiffer than balms, with a higher concentration of beeswax to the oils and butters. For lighter control, use on a damp beard, often right out of the shower. For more control, use on well-brushed, dry beard. While the waxes are not heavy enough to make this a mustache wax, it is perfect for naturally shaping your beard.

Any way you choose, you are getting quite a few more grams per dollar from these multipacks than a single full sized item on our shelves.

And now, Gaardians, consider yourself armed with the weapons necessary for the taming of your face. Go forth and slather yourself in goos of the scents of the seasons.



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