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How to Get Secret Apothecary Samples

Posted on September 10 2021

The Apothecary has long offered free shipping on orders over $100, as well as a robust rewards program where you can earn 10% in rewards just for shopping, and even more for completing quests.

The rewards program remains the treasure-rich playground it always was, but as the pandemic wears on and shipping costs continue to climb, we must make a substitution to our free shipping perk. Alas, we think we have a juicy one.

Packages from us always come wrapped like a present to yourself, replete with trading cards and stickers, but now when you spend $100 ($50 in shop) with us, you will also receive a free surprise apothecary potion as a gift.

"But what will it be?" you ask? That's the surprise! It could be a full sized lip butter, a half ounce beard oil sample, or even a sample of a new product we're working that has yet to be released that we would love your opinion on!

Even if you don't meet the $100 online threshold for the free apothecary product gift, with every order you'll see why we keep our shipping in house. Gotta keep it as magical as company policy dictates.



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