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Growing & Evolving for Small Businesses

Posted on July 19 2020

You know when is a terrible time to open up a gift shop? Two months before a pandemic hits. Couldn't have happened to more mountain goat-type humans, honestly.

From the moment a married pair of barbers thought of opening their own shop, the final form of that shop and business has been in a constant state of evolution.

Between the massive growth of the Beardsgaard Barbers, and the Apothecary going from a little online-only operation to taking over the entire building next door to the barbershop and opening this shop, it's been a ride.

Being really comfortable with change is the only thing that will get not just one, but two businesses over that tricky five year mark, and both of them have survived that long so far, and are showing no signs of stopping now.

This little Apothecary down by the river is anchored by our handmade seasonal grooming products, made right here, and entry to the rabbit hole of Beardsgaard myth and legend. But we are far from the only small maker stocked on these shelves!

We collect grooming and lifestyle gifts for those with a love of the seasons, nature and fantasy from magical small makers just like ourselves, just for you.

In the time we have inhabited this space on Batavia Avenue, we were struck by how this place was made of bright, indirect light. The Beardsgaard’s home, on the other hand, is significantly dimmer and has cats who eat plants (it's all the chub monster on the right's fault).

Over quarantine, all of these pieces of information came together, and all of the plants moved to the Apothecary. Then they sort of exploded. Happy exploded.

With all that alone time, these plants have been procreating all over the place. It’s a plant baby boom in the Apothecary.

At some point, when they’re grown enough, those babies will be needing new homes. So we began crafting an army of adorable little clay pots (with drainage holes, natch) to ready the plant babies for the journey to you.

After all, if ever in doubt on what to gift Blademaiden or a fae creature of her sort, nothing brings joy like something green and living. ESPECIALLY during a pandemic.

It’s funny, now that this place is full of living soon-to-be gifts, in addition to the sorts of gifts you live with, it’s feeling rather complete. We hope you’ll come see this beautiful green place growing, smell all the lovely products, and pick out a little something special for yourself. We never said gifts were ONLY for others…



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