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Introducing: Body Scrubs

Posted on October 03 2020

On the surface, a body scrub is a simple endeavor. Sugar, some sort of semi-liquid substance that won't dissolve the sugar, you're good to go. And then one tries that, with mixing up sugar and coconut oil, for instance, and ends up a bit of a slippery mess (it does soak in eventually, but it takes a bit).

Many scrubs on the market combine sugar with some sort of soap-based foaming bath whip, which does make for a lovely feeling scrub. Scrubs of this sort, however, are the ones that lead people to believe that scrubs are too drying for their skin.

Enter, our sugar scrubs, made with frenzied dedication by our founder & formulator Blademaiden.

For over a decade she has been slowly turning into a dragon due to psoriasis, an autoimmune condition that tries to aggressively heal any skin imperfections. That means her skin is the most overly dramatic, sensitive, itchy, painful guinea pig we could ask for in a tester. If HER skin doesn't freak out, yours is going to love it.

We use different combinations of oils and butters in each scrub, combined with the gritty stuff (sugar, salt, coffee), and, here's the important bit, just the right balance of clays.

The oils and butters not only soften your skin, but they lock in water from the shower, the sugar acts as a humectant (good for water preservation), and the clays soak up just enough oil to leave you moisturized, but not greasy.



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