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A Realm Full of Goodies

Posted on June 24 2019

The realm is full of myth and magic. So is our webshoppe, of late.

We would never have the space or budget to stock all the merch items we could possibly want at Beardsgaard, but there are no such limits on the internet.

What we're saying is, we made a boatload of new colors and designs on the flawless quality Bella+Canvas shirts you already know and love, and they are now ready for you to peruse to your heart's content.

Oh my how we laugh, did you think that was all? Oh no, dear frands.

We then dove deeper into the Bella+Canvas catalog, as well as Independent Trading Company (the very same brand as our shop hoodies, in lighter weights).

We made a mountain of new items in Realm Map designs, Realm Location Watercolors (oh you'll see), we made shoes, bags, sherpa fleece blankets, all the good stuff.

Then Blademaiden and Shopkeep Lucky Eye went plum silly one weekend and Assgard Underwear happened, as well as dozens of other items you will be seeing on and in the hands of Beardsgaard staff soon.

Honestly, we made this stuff because we want to (and are going to) buy and wear it. If any of you order it as well, that's just gravy.



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