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Meet the Cast

Growing up on Tolkien and The Last Unicorn, Beardsgaard and River Peak Apothecary were the inevitable result. Especially when one of the founders is a barber, nature lover and research fanatic. Natalie's is the obsessive brain that creates the from-scratch formulas, handcrafts every product in the River Peak Apothecary line, writes the mythology, and flails about in the Adobe Creative Suite to fill in all the little corners of the Realm, from photography to composite art.

Gwen has the very broad title of Operations Gaardian for both Beardsgaard and River Peak, which includes everything from payroll to going to war with multiple government agencies to get shave brushes released from customs (and she WON that battle). You may sometimes find her dancing on the front desk to disco music she never realizes until too late is a really filthy song, or setting off the fire alarm making toast for people. She was plucked from the corporate finance world for her skills, but because she is Natalie's little sister, we knew beforehand how weird she can be, and how well that would fit in around these parts.

Tyler is the barber husband of Blademaiden, at the chair full time at Beardsgaard Barbers. Being a grooming product junkie, he has always been an enthusiastic tester of products in development, and helps around the edges of this place in a million little ways, as Blademaiden does at Beardsgaard. Married business partner stuff right there. He also is the co-imagineer of the written Mythology of the Realm and Dungeon Master of the in-realm Dungeons & Dragons game we have going over here.