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Glassmount Shave Oil • Gentle
Glassmount Shave Oil • Gentle
Glassmount Shave Oil • Gentle
Glassmount Shave Oil • Gentle
River Peak Apothecary

Glassmount Shave Oil • Gentle

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Season: For All Seasons

Scent Profile: Nearly unscented herbal blend

GLASSMOUNT IS...Ancient waters long since slowed to icy stillness in caverns as deep as time, the remnants of green things from green lands held for eternity as if sealed in blue amber.

Benefits: We have never met a beard and shave oil combo that does both as well as our beard oils and shave oils do their jobs. Beard oils are meant to penetrate the hair and skin, while shave oil is meant to most stay on the surface and provide glide for your blade. Our shave oils have been reformulated to include botanically-infused oils to deliver even more of nature’s magic to your shave each season.

Our shave oil scent blends are made with more purpose than simply good smells. All of Glassmount’s essential oils are chosen for their ancient reputations for hostility toward microscopic beastlies, and friendliness toward sensitive skin that could use some calming, but especially sensitive noses. With just a touch of cool herbal freshness upon application, this scent is designed to deliver powerful benefits, then fade quickly.

Tips from the Alchemist: Shave oils can be used in a great many stages of your shaving routine. Pick the parts that fit your routine, it can be as simple or involved as you make it, but we at the apothecary encourage you to treat yourself.

How to Use Shave Oil:

Pre-Shave: Apply to face before using a hot towel or other steam source. If desired, follow with a gentle scrub or other exfoliation method for an even closer shave and better finish.

Beard Lining: When you aren't shaving a whole face, try shave oil by itself. Making crisp edges around beards, mustaches or other facial hair is much easier when your shave medium is transparent.

Full Shave: Our barbers are split on the better method here, which tells you both are great options: 1) Apply shave oil, top with shave cream; 2) mix shave cream and oil, especially by dripping half a dropper on top of a shave soap puck before whipping with a badger brush. Perfection.

The Lore: In the Realm, there is a crystalline mountain monolith in the interior of Niflheim run through with tunnels and burrows for all manner of icefolk and ice creatures, a microcosm of life in the frozen and not entirely solid kingdom of the Water Elementals.

Each of our products bear the names and scents of locations in the fantasy Realm of Beardsgaard, where we of Beardsgaard Barbers go on Dungeons & Dragons adventures every other week. Sign up for our newsletter to find out which locations are coming up in-game so you can experience D&D smell-o-vision on premiere nights!

Read more about the lore of Glassmount on World Anvil and catch up on D&D episodes on YouTube.

Essential Oils, CO2s & Absolutes Of: Rosemary Antioxidant, *Blue Yarrow, *Blue Tansy, *Eucalyptus

Ingredients: *Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Marshmallow Root, Eucalyptus Leaf, Green Tea *denotes organic ingredient

Size: 1 oz

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