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Frostwood Beard Oil • Winter
Frostwood Beard Oil • Winter
Frostwood Beard Oil • Winter
Frostwood Beard Oil • Winter
River Peak Apothecary

Frostwood Beard Oil • Winter

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About This Precious…

You are wizard in your soul. You stroll alone through ancient forests. You have only turned a few insolent fools into frogs. Frostwood is your beard oil.

About The Formula

There are plenty of beard oils out there for fine to medium beards, the all-purpose beard oils. Not too many are targeted toward the big, dry problem cases. But man do we get a lot of those in the doors of Beardsgaard, so we made our oil just for them.

This is not for fine beards or those for whom mere conditioner does the trick. This is for the bikers, the outdoorsmen, the workers, the men whose beards take a beating. With a mix of quick and slow absorbing oils, you get long-lasting moisture and evocative scents that just don't quit, made of oils with skin and hair benefits all their own.

Is This Even The Right Product For You?


What does your beard need most?
Do you like warm scents or cool scents?
Do you like bright scents or deep scents?
About the Inspiration
Translucent frosted firs above and a crisp blanket of nettles below, breath and wind and the crack of bending ice are all that stir in the lengthening shadows of the living ancient wood.

Pristine, icy days in the deep woods under endless slate grey skies


Crisp, elegant, mossy coniferous woods

Ingredients & Other Details

1 oz


Grapeseed Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, *Flax Seed Oil, Oat Oil, Borage Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oils & Absolutes Of:

*Silver Fir, *Black Spruce, *Vetiver, Oakmoss, *Atlas Cedarwood, Blue Yarrow, Cypress Leaf, Spikenard

*denotes organic ingredient

Tips & Directions

Shake well (some oils may settle). Spread 5-10 drops (depending on beard size) between palms, apply upward into damp beard. Comb through. Apply daily.


For best results, use just after a shower while your beard is still damp. This allows the oils to ride the water around your beard and absorb more evenly.

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