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Deepwell Beard Balm • No Scent Added
Deepwell Beard Balm • No Scent Added
Deepwell Beard Balm • No Scent Added
Deepwell Beard Balm • No Scent Added
River Peak Apothecary

Deepwell Beard Balm • No Scent Added

$ 30.00

About This Precious…

You are a simple kind of human. You don’t need fancy scents, you need simple beard care that does what it says it’s going to do, and if it is made with care by real humans, all the better. Deepwell is your beard balm.

About The Formula

The purpose of beard balm is getting the proper balance of moisture and control, and in formulating one, getting just the right ratios is a trick. Too soft and it doesn’t last long enough in your beard, too firm, and it’s a beard wax.

This one uses beeswax from a historic family farm, non-pore clogging Shea butter, and our secret weapon, Oat oil. This liquid silk of a carrier oil banishes dry and flaky skin under a beard, has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, absorbs slowly, and lasts all day.

Is This Even The Right Product For You?


What does your beard need most?
Do you like warm scents or cool scents?
Do you like bright scents or deep scents?
About the Inspiration
Deepwell is...the deep, warm places of the earth, gleaming golden by dwarven torchlight, things and places as they have been for time unending.

The tough times, when you want to get soft


Pure, natural & unscented

Ingredients & Other Details

2 oz


Shea Butter, Beeswax, Oat Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil

Tips & Directions

Rub a small amount of balm (varies depending on beard size, about the size of a pea) between fingers until no clumps remain and smooth over the surface of your beard, working a bit into the interior, as well as the mustache. Use as often as desired.


The easiest way to get it out of the jar is by scraping forward with the back of your fingernail or thumbnail. Best used fresh out of the shower or on damp beard.

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