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Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer
Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer
Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer
Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer
Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer
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Saltsteppes Body Butter • Summer

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Ucuuba Butter • Sesame Seed Oil • Fuller's Earth

Season: Summer

Scent Profile: Mystical deserts, ancient incense, dry citrus

SALTSTEPPES IS...The ancient twilight at the edge of the Realm rending the cracked salt sands to nothingness, purifying the body and soul as the void picks apart the threads of reality.

Benefits: Whipped butters are what made our name, but unlike beard butter, these are for anyone with skin. With carefully chosen oils and butters, each formula is unique to its season’s skin concerns, plus a pinch of clay for color, and to absorb just enough oil to leave your skin protected and silky smooth once the butter absorbs fully.

This particular body butter is crafted from Ucuuba Butter to replenish, tone, and moisturize skin zapped by the sun or too many summers, and Sesame Seed Oil, with its blood feud against microbes. Fuller's Earth, a volcanic ash that pulls skin impurities to the surface, whisks away excess oil to leave a satiny smooth finish, for skin enchanted by the purifying spellcasts of the ancients.

How to Use Body Butter: For best results all over, use just after bath or shower before drying. melt desired amount between hands and pat over body before rubbing butter and water into skin. For extra rough spots, apply more to dry skin.

Tips from the Alchemist: We research all our ingredient melt points and calibrate our whipped butter blends to be able to take a bit of warming without melting, but you don’t get a texture like this without a little fragility. Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

The Lore: In the Realm, Saltsteppes is the now crumbling saltstone ruined temple where since the beginning the Night Elves perform the Calling of the Void ritual to bring autumn to the Realm.

Each of our products bear the names and scents of locations in the fantasy Realm of Beardsgaard, where we of Beardsgaard Barbers go on Dungeons & Dragons adventures every other week. Sign up for our newsletter to find out which locations are coming up in-game so you can experience D&D smell-o-vision on premiere nights!

Read more about the lore of Saltsteppes on World Anvil and catch up on D&D episodes on YouTube.

Essential Oils, CO2s & Absolutes Of: Wild Orange, *Bergamot, Himalayan Cedarwood, Dark Patchouli, Myrrh

Ingredients: Soy Butter, *Shea Butter, *Sesame Seed Oil, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Ucuuba Butter, Fuller’s Earth Clay, French Pink Clay, (Vegetable Oil-Derived Emulsifier: Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate) *denotes organic ingredient

Size: 8 oz

Please Note: Due to the low melting temperature of this product, the original texture may not survive summer shipping intact, and we cannot be held liable for melting that occurs in the postman's truck. If you don't want to risk it during the hot months, choose Saltsteppes Salt Scrub instead for in-shower skin buttering. If this product does melt, return to room temperature and whip with a fork to restore (see how here). Either way, it still works beautifully.

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