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Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring

$ 30.00
Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring
Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring
Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring
Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring
Midgard Wood Wick Candle • Spring



Season: Spring

Element: Luck

Scent Profile: Conjures sun warmed fields, cascading green gardens, harvests abundant

Top Notes: Grass • Green Leaves • Pear

Middle Notes: Honeysuckle • Cucumber • Basil

Base Notes: Carnation • Wood • Vanilla

MIDGARD IS...A kingdom of rolling hills and pastoral settlements, with the big cities far from mind as the garden blossoms turn to pears and cucumbers.

The Lore: In the Realm, Midgard is the kingdom of the Humans, packing all the adventure and ambition of an immortal into a very short lifespan.

Each of our products bear the names and scents of locations in the fantasy Realm of Beardsgaard, where we of Beardsgaard Barbers go on Dungeons & Dragons adventures every other week. Sign up for our newsletter to find out which locations are coming up in-game so you can experience D&D smell-o-vision on premiere nights!

Read more about the lore of Midgard on World Anvil and catch up on D&D episodes on YouTube.

The Product: The best part of these candles is a tie between the scents themselves (imagined so many years ago, and now finally realized) and the spiral wooden wick that crackles so delightfully.

The second (third?) best part is that after you burn your candle, the hot wax wipes then washes out easily, and the vessel is reusable as a mug, a planter, or a holder of whatever random treasure you need it to hold.

Size: 10 oz