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Strongfell Shave Oil • Winter

$ 28.00
Strongfell Shave Oil • Winter
Strongfell Shave Oil • Winter
Strongfell Shave Oil • Winter
Strongfell Shave Oil • Winter
About This Precious…

The one legal difference between barbers and cosmetologists is that barbers are licensed to shave. And boy do we at Beardsgaard. So much so that we had to create a shave oil to our rather exacting barberly preferences.

This shave oil was crafted for faces battered by both blades and elements. Thick and slippery as a bolt of liquid lightning, it protects the face and glides the blade like wind over water for a stellar shave.

About The Formula

We would posit that there are few shave oils that took the better part of two years to develop, but ours is one such oil. Is it because the barbers of Beardsgaard, our origin company, are obscenely picky? Well, yes, but that’s why they’re so good.

In any case, after a very long time and countless formula tweaks, they all agreed. We had found the perfect blend.

Magewick’s scent blend is made with more purpose than simply good smells. All of the essential oils are chosen for their ancient reputations for hostility toward microscopic beastlies, and friendliness toward young, oily, sun-ravaged, and blemish-prone skin.

Is This Even The Right Product For You?

Do you shave parts of your body with a razor? Then yes.

About the Inspiration


The clash of steel and stone in the biting air, echoing from training grounds, healer's chamber sharply smelling of winter herbs used to calm blade-bitten and windblown skin, fragrant coals focusing the mind to a razor's edge for battle.

Darkling skies over days of biting winds and aching cold


Frozen herbs over fragrant, smoking coals

Ingredients & Other Details

1 oz


*Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oils & CO2s Of:

*Rosemary Antioxidant, *Sage, Myrrh, *Frankincense, Cistus, Rosemary, *Blue Tansy

*denotes organic ingredient

Tips & Directions

Shake well (some oils may settle). Soften beard in shower or with hot towel, apply shave oil and cream/foam if desired, and shave as usual.


Shave oil has many applications. Use alone, especially for just the cheeks or around the edges of a beard. Mix with lather for the most luxurious shave experience. Use a number of drops for around the edges of beard, up to a full dropper for a full face shave.