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Lip Butter • Unflavored • Ore

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Lip Butter • Unflavored • Ore
Lip Butter • Unflavored • Ore
About This Precious…

One of us here (not the bearded one) grew up with a bit of an obsession with a lip smacking 90s lip product. One day while making beard balms, she realized she already had most of the things she needed to make her own, grown up, seasonal version.

Ore is an unflavored butter, but also comes in a whole year of flavors. Each season has three - a fruit flavor, a bakery flavor, and a spirits (booze) flavor to add to your hoard. Collect them all, nerds.

Ore is...natural oils and butters for pure moisture and nourishment
About The Formula

This lip butter may be the perfect thing for your lips. Most lip balms and butters are too shiny, too waxy, too sticky or just don't stick around.

This one is built for those who want to keep their lips from cracking off, but don't want to feel like they have a bunch of thick, sticky stuff on their lips.

This blend of beeswax and butters is smooth-spreading, and wears like a second skin on your lips, with no sweetener added - only flavor.

Is This Even The Right Product For You?

Have thee lips? Then yes.

About the Inspiration

In all honesty, our unflavored lip butter was originally an obligatory afterthought. Some folks like unflavored lip balm, right?

Probably, we thought, as we rubbed a sample tube of the stuff over a dry and breaking cuticle. The next day, that cuticle was looking a heck of a lot more normal. Then we kept using that tube on less-than-ideal non lip parts. Again, lots better.

Then someone forgot the tube in a pants pocket, and we found it inside the dryer later. INTACT. What? Another (number of) times, tubes were left in summer cars. Did they get a bit soft? Sure? Did they melt? Newp.

We honestly aren’t sure how it happened, but this is such a protective and stable combination of waxes oils and butters that we couldn’t do better if we tried it all again.

Ingredients & Other Details

.15 oz


Beeswax, Ricebran Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Natural & Artificial Flavors

Tips & Directions

Rub it on your kissin' parts.


Although these little tubes are made for lips, we and plenty of others have been known to use a bit of lip butter (especially the unflavored Ore variety) on cuts, scrapes, burns, ripped off lip skin in a waxing incident to protect broken skin to speed healing. Works like gangbusters