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Shawnee Forest Cabins • Herod, Illinois

Posted on February 02 2017

{Blademaiden found a heck of a lodging gem on her trip to the Shawnee National Forest. This is the cozy part of the trip. See all the impressive scenery in the full post here.
There is a particular battle in the heart of those who love the stillness and mystical light of the pre-dawn hours, but also reeeeeally love a comfortable bed in the morning. We are those people.
So on this occasion of exploring the wilds of Garden of the Gods and the Shawnee National Forest solo after a training mission, Blademaiden was shocked to find that there was a small ring of cabins a stone's throw (figuratively, but still very close) from the well-known rock formations, and smack dab in the middle of the forest.
Secluded, well-appointed cabins with a grill outside, kitchen and fireplace inside, and did we mention the hot tub on the back deck? Our traveler was quite excited after quite a lot of driving to pop in for an after dark dip.
All of the ramifications of booking this place didn't fully sink in until she was inside the hot tub. This cabin in the woods meant she would be staying solo at a literal cabin in the woods.
The Beardsgaards are quite fond of all of the horror movies in that genre.
So, after having thoroughly spooked herself, she retired to a many-quilted bed for a seriously hard sleep before setting off into the mud of the morning in search of pictures.
Oh what, you want video? Yes, we have that.
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{This is not a sponsored post. When we go places we simply want to share the gems we find in the event a fellow traveler happens that way. #ShareTheAdventure and read the rest of the story here}



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