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The Spruce Plot • Morton Arboretum

Posted on January 21 2018


The Spruce Plot • Winter • Lisle, Illinois

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The Spruce Plot

Hidden gems are our favorite sorts of gems. Why would you want gems people leave lying about all willy nilly?

Well, this one isn't exactly hidden, those in Chicagoland have probably driven past it for most of their lives, perhaps with the occasional vague wondering of what that Arboretum thing is about. Is it a forest preserve?

Well, sort of, in that there are trees and trails and such, but the Morton Arboretum is a 1,700 acre living museum where you can walk the world through the trees. Do you love to walk amongst the ancient, gnarly oaks? There's a whole area for that! A fragrant Magnolia grove more your speed? They have that too. Love Birches? Beeches? Yeah, like, all the trees.

Our personal favorite, and one we make a beeline for ever time we're there, is the Spruce Plot. It first drew our attention when we were looking for a location for our Frostwood photo shoot.

Whenever we bring new folks to the arboretum, they will be asking as soon as we get inside and around every bend, they ask. "Where is it? Is that it?" And we always'll know.

And then, when this dense darkness looms up behind this one particular section of the forest, they do know. The Spruce Plot is rather unmistakable.

It's a small area, impossible to actually get lost in, but you do feel lost there, a mere pebble amongst the giants above.

We do find it best blanketed in snow, which we don't get very often here in Chicago these days, but even on a sparkly snowless February morning, it is still a mystical little patch of magic less than an hour from Chicago.

We urge you to pay it a visit sometime. We certainly will again.

Morton Arboretum • Lisle, Illinois

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  • Such a beautiful thing my favorite place is amongst the vast prairie views and the red rocks of kanopolis state park hiking trails 27 miles of trails riddled with native american history and breathtaking scenery nestled in the heartland of kansas

    Posted by Gerald Johnson | January 25, 2018
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