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2019 National Beard & Moustache Championships

Posted on November 04 2019

It was only two years ago, the first time we brought River Peak Apothecary out of the kitchen and into a place with other small vendors selling their holiday handmade wares. It was at a church two blocks away.

We have done a few shows since then, with escalating size and levels of confidence that we weren't forgetting anything hugely important, but this weekend, the 2019 National Beard & Moustache Championships is going to be by far the biggest show we have ever been part of.

This will also be the first beard-specific show we have participated in, and with as much product as we have run through in past shows, we have made unprecedented amounts of goos and goodies for the occasion.

Blademaiden just kept on going until she ran out of one thing for each and every thing we make. There are SO many dishes to do this week before we clean up and gather the troops of both River Peak and Beardsgaard for the big show.

Get the details, get your tickets, and we'll see you there!



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