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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ I ~ Beardsgaard Origins ~ .vii

Posted on May 19 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ I ≈

vii. Beardsgaard Origins

When the silver spark took the place of the gold they dreamed together, and each new day brought into being elves and dwarves and men and giants and gods, and each set out across the earth to find the places that best suited their natures.

The elves ventured west to the deep forests and the distant shores of the sea and built their halls among the great trees. The dwarves and giants traveled north to the mountains, the dwarves finding deep and secret places beneath, with the giants striding their peaks.

The men journeyed east to the flat lands, building their modest homesteads of earth and wood. The gods ventured south, past the vast expanses of fire and ice to settle upon a crop of land that reflected the elements to each side, a land in an eternal state of prismic light.

And when the world was bustling with lives and loves and exploration and stories, Êl was again glad.

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