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The Mythology of Beardsgaard • VIII • The Firsts • .vii

Posted on March 19 2020

“The orb now appeared as a smooth and oblong crystal stone, pricked with light.”


Let us tell you a tale.

≈ I ≈

vii. The Firsts

In dim dawn when both silver and gold still hung near the horizon, they found the Shadow Lord standing in the spot where he had woken along the banks of the river, still cloaked in eddying pools of shadow.

Êl carried in its hand one of the orbs, which it held aloft before removing its hands, allowing the near-invisible orb to float before them.

Êl plucked a mote of silver and gold, one in each hand from the sky and placed them inside the orb where they hung, sparkling in turn. Êl blew a small breath upon the orb, the lid snapped shut, and the two small sparks began to move and orbit each other. The orb now appeared as a smooth and oblong crystal stone, pricked with light.

It spoke to the terrible, beautiful creature before them.

“We shall call you Daechir, for lord of shadow you are, but that is all the course we will set for you. We give you this stone, and in it is the light of the world, but that is all we shall give to you. Your path is your own. It is not our place to chart its course, but we can set you on your way.”

“Now find your place in the realm. I know not where it is, but it will call to you, as it did to my companion. When you find it, breathe a single breath onto this stone and it will open for you. Place inside a pinch of earth from your new land, and water it with one drop of your own blood.”

“Then the stone will close and it will never open again, but then will contain the soul and the power of your people. Because you are the first. Wield that power well.”

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