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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ I ~ Beardsgaard Origins ~ .vi

Posted on May 17 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ I ≈

vi. Beardsgaard Origins

Angolon dwelled with Êl for a time, exploring its creations while the gold spark shone, finding uses for all things that grow, and all things that run once life had fled from their being. As he explored the places green and grey and brown, he found himself drawn to a favored place that Êl had danced across again and again in the time of the making of the world.

There was where the greatest of the rivers cut a swath between the tallest mountains and deepest forests, and there was where Angolon began to carve a tower out of the tallest peak to make his sanctuary, so he may watch over the realm from above, as Êl walked its many leagues, tending to its gardens great and small.

In his spire ringed by clouds, Angolon began to catalog his discoveries and learnings with flourished plume into gilded tomes of lore. He blazed sands into sparkling glass, clear and amber and opalescent, formed into vials and filled with the collections of the world. And as the gold spark slid southward, Angolon and Êl would sit upon the banks of the great river and sup upon the fruit of the trees and speak of the stories of the void, and what they began upon this world.

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