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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ I ~ Beardsgaard Origins ~ .iv

Posted on May 13 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ I ≈

iv. Beardsgaard Origins

Êl wished to know what else it could create, so it sang the songs it had heard in the void, and the wind began. It danced over the smooth earth, stomping feet that made mountains that cracked the earth, rushing toward the sky. It clapped hands that sprung forests from the earth. It flew across the surface, fingers trailing the ground and drawing rushing waters to the fore.

Each verse made a new plant, each refrain a new animal, and for a time unknown to all but Êl, its world came into being, safe inside its skeleton star. And when nothing flat remained, Êl rested in its new world and was content for a time. But as the magnificence of the world grew and bloomed and died and grew again, Êl’s thoughts turned again to the stories of the void, and it wished for more.

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