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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ V ~ The Making Of Dragonsea ~ .ii

Posted on August 17 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

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ii. The Making Of Dragonsea

The curiosity of man leaves few places undiscovered for long. But while the harbor ports and markets of Honeyport bustled with life, no square inch undisturbed, the honeycombed sea caves set into the east and west cliffs of this young world were still unexplored.

The few brave souls who has tried to descend to the caves from the stable ground above by rope or ladder had been dashed by the waves and pulled under the roiling currents, and ship captains had the good sense to steer far clear. And then there was the matter of the smoke.

Most assumed the caves were tunnels to the center of Blademount, and it was well known that the fires inside the mountain, which the gods of Asgard used to forge their mighty blades, burned hot and deep. As far as the residents and visitors of Honeyport knew, the caves were nothing more than the bellows of a great mountain forge.

But as the demands for novelty in the markets grew, so did the bravery of some of Honeyport’s merchants - certainly those with a hunger for coin and little regard for life and limb. Rumors buzzed about the possible holdings of the caves. In a land so rich with ore and fine stones, curiosity more than men were what built the scaffolding down from the cliffs above.

And early one day, when the sun’s rays were low enough in the sky to throw light into the honeycombed sea caves set into the sheer cliffs, men first set foot on the stone floor of the bellows of Blademount. And in an instant - they were no more.

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