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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ V ~ The Making Of Dragonsea ~ .i

Posted on August 15 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

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i. The Making Of Dragonsea

The trade that Angolon of the Alchemist’s Tower had set in motion in the early days of the realm’s discovery had found home and purpose in a great many corners of Beardsgaard. Coastal inlets, calm river bends and mountain-abutting flats had grown bustling ports and cities and havens for trade.

At the foot of Blademount in the kingdom of Asgard, nestled beside the sea lay Honeyport, a bustling hive of trade so named for the golden honey tones of the water as the sky’s gold spark lay down its rays at the end of a long day. It was also named for the network of razor-sharp honeycomb-like sea caves that lined the water.

Honeyport was a jewel of trade set in the golden crown of the southern sea, and traders from across the realm traveled to ply their goods and wares. Eagleswood came from the far twilight reaches of Shadowbough, iron stern herbs from the mountains of Strongfell, tender green buds and shoots from the foggy shoals of Fjordmist, but the true prizes of the markets were the bounties from the lands and waters of the southern sea.

Curious scrubby shrubs dotted the sands, perfuming the beaches with a sensuous musk. Plumes of fiery flowers spilled from vendor carts pushed along the paving stones, pouring their honeyed, apricot perfume onto the breeze. Merchants shout the praises of their spices, and citrus fruits cleaved by blades shoot sprays of their oils into the air, a high soprano crescendo above the orchestral song of the market.

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