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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ IV ~ Spiritbrook Diverted ~ .iii

Posted on August 12 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ IV ≈

iii. Spiritbrook Diverted

But the great tree of Eredh was Êl’s first creation, and its roots ran deep. So Êl called to them in the song trees knew so well, the songs of the wind and water and earth. The tree heard its creator, and began to stretch and reach its roots through the living rock of Rodensia toward the east edge of the island.

The roots prodded and loosened the dirt in their path until they poked through to seawater. Unencumbered by slow-moving earth, the roots of Eredh grew in a rush, tangling in on themselves in underwater structures, creating eddies and currents and whirlpools in the once-calm waters.

The flow of Spiritbrook stream began to change, imperceptibly at first, the fresh water cutting through the briny sea back to the mainland, splitting at the spot where it emptied from the island into the deep. The forked stream of crystal water spread to both sides, wrapping itself around the isle.

With strong currents encouraged by the roots of Eredh, the push of splitting stream broke the flow of water from the mainland, sheltering the isle from the rest of the world. The mutinous rodent population of Rodensia would no longer threaten the realm.

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