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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ IV ~ Spiritbrook Diverted ~ .ii

Posted on August 05 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ IV ≈

ii. Spiritbrook Diverted

Êl had raised its world and creations with little interference, letting events run their course as they would. But as it walked the eastern shores of Rodensia, the worry and unrest that weighed upon its mind began to dissolve, melting like snow upon an eave, dripping away, lighter with every passing moment.

Êl’s gaze wandered from the sea to the water’s edge where reeds and grasses grew, tall and waving on the winds. But it was a small thing that caught its eye. One tiny blue flower.

Êl bent to stroke a petal with gentle fingers, and the heavy weight of the uprising of Rodensia in Êl’s mind liquified and ran away in a deluge. What was this? Certainly an item that must be brought to Angolon in his apothecary for study.

Eyes raised to trace the banks of the stream called Spiritbrook, Êl saw that they were spotted with blue, heavier as they neared the water, and denser still to the west and the great tree of Eredh. Yes, Angolon would indeed be pleased.

Flowers plucked, stems braided into a fragrant chain laid across Êl’s shoulders, once more the creator’s attention turned to the sea. Spiritbrook sprung from the roots of the great tree, and with Rodensia split asunder from the mainland of the realm, the magic the stream held kept its form even as it emptied into the sea, running across many leagues back to Shavehalla.

The rub was the direction of the current. If the rodents of Rodensia were to remain in exile, the Isle would have to be isolated. An extra trick when one of them could fly. Êl placed one of the small blue flowers on the surface of the fresh steam water, and watched with dismay as it followed the flow back toward the mainland.

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