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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ IV ~ Spiritbrook Diverted ~ .i

Posted on July 29 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ IV ≈

i. Spiritbrook Diverted

Êl skimmed its toe along the surface of the water on the eastern shore of the Isle of Rodensia, where the bubbling stream called Spiritbrook, which sprang from the roots of the great tree of Eredh, emptied into the deep, cutting a ribbon of clear, fresh water through the sparkling cerulean of the Southern Sea back to the coast of Shavehalla.

The uprising of Rodensia had been stopped, for now, but Kevin the Rainbow Flying Gerbil did not seem particularly penitent, or indeed even put off his mischief. But being such small creatures, Êl did not see the need to punish them too harshly, nor did it wish to prevent their kin from returning to the Isle.

Êl watched its reflection wave and bend, reminded of its first days of creation, when the world was but a surface of still glass waiting to have a world painted upon it. Now it was was filled with life, to the point that it was beginning to bubble over, at least in the rodent population.

The uprising of Rodensia was quelled with no bloodshed, but the next? Surely the lands would not be so fortunate to remain peaceful forever, for the stories Êl had once heard in the void before the making were run through with tales of conflict and war.

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