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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ I ~ Beardsgaard Origins ~ .ii

Posted on May 11 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ I ≈

ii. Beardsgaard Origins

As eons passed and Êl’s star began to fade, as stars must in the end, Êl yearned to begin again. The light closed in on itself and the surface of the star smoothed into mirrored glass as it died, and Êl remained at the heart of it, and gathered the remaining sparks into its hands, spinning and whirling.

Êl released the small sphere of remaining starfire into the void, and they hung there together as it plucked out a silver and gold spark, one in each hand. It flung the gold spark above to the top of the star cavern, the silver one below so they each lit half of the mirrored glass in in their sparkling glow, and Êl blew a single breath into the sphere of remaining starlight.

The light darkened and spun faster and grew larger and larger, a violent swirling that massed and pulsed with the promise of life, growing solid and hard and smooth as the surface of the dead star itself. As Êl watched, the sphere grew to the size of a world within its shining shell. And Êl was glad.

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