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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ III ~ The Making of Rodensia ~ .iii

Posted on June 10 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ III ≈

iii. The Making Of Rodensia

While most rodents are cautious by nature, generations of lifetimes of rodents in the great tree of Eredh had dulled their fear, and made their tiny hearts content. Perhaps a new age had dawned, perhaps this new bravery and curiosity only dwelled in the breast of this one little creature, but Kevin found himself gripped by a desire to find out what was at the end of the rainbow. 

If he was to learn any of the secrets of the gods, that would be a likely place to begin. And so it came to pass that one foolishly brave little gerbil set off on an adventure.

He skittered along the banks of the stream, over rock and under tree, each step steeling his will to find…well, he didn’t know what he wished to find, he just wanted see. When the hawks swooped over head, he tucked himself into a fluffy little ball, and waited for the shadows to pass. When the serpents slithered near, he hopped to rocks midstream and taunted the fanged things that wished to eat him.

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