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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ II ~ The Dawn Of Trade ~ .iv

Posted on June 03 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

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iv. The Dawn Of Trade

Êl and Angolon watched as their people returned to their kingdoms of Manegaard, Beardenheim and Shavehalla, positively buzzing with the thought of what else they might create from the bounty of the world. But as they spoke of the lands of giants and dwarves and men, all three in the kingdom of Beardenheim, they came to realize that they had no name for the lands of each of its peoples.

Names are a creation of vanity, in a fashion, but they also hold a power of sorts. Names can lift or ground a thing they are given to, but they can also focus purpose, secure belonging, and carry on when all else is forgotten.

As so, as often came to pass when Êl found itself lost to pondering, it thought back again to the stories of the void. Some of its favorites echoed from the voices of the Norsemen. Perhaps they are why the first creation of Beardsgaard was a great tree. Tales of Yggdrasil, the tree of life of the Norsemen, had floated across Êl’s imagination just before the first touch that brought Eredh to being.

And then Êl noted the beings in its world, the beings it and Angolon had brought to life. Giants. Dwarves. Men. Elves of different sorts. And gods. In the words of another story: this has happened before…and it will happen again.

Some stories hold greater sway than others, it seems. Some stories bring reality to bear.

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