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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ II ~ The Dawn Of Trade ~ .iii

Posted on May 30 2016

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Let us tell you a tale.

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iii. The Dawn Of Trade

In his workshop, Angolon spent months studying the mountain butter. He noted, however, that butters from beneath each mountain that the dwarven realm spanned, each had unique properties. Some stayed soft even with the nighttime chill, near melting in the daytime, some were firmer and with cold became like rocks.

Melting and combining them in multitudinous variations, he finally arrived at the perfect recipe, with the ability to hold its shape but for a hairsbreadth of direct heat from the body, which melted its creaminess almost immediately. And with so much of it on his hands (which were always cleaned on his beard), before long the dense thicket on his face no longer trapped stray fingers and instruments. He had it.

With excitement bubbling over, Angolon called to Êl across the land, and soon they met upon his mountaintop. Êl was overjoyed to see the bounty to the realm made to greater than the sum of its parts, and knew Angolon’s creation must be spread throughout the lands. And who knows what else might be made from the other treasures of the earth and sea and forest?

And so they agreed, Angolon would open up shop, and because it sat on the highest peak over the mightiest river of the land, they would name it River Peak Apothecary. But neither desired profit, they only cared to explore, create and help the inhabitants of the realm. Fair, they would accept gold and gems with which to trade, but far more they desired the resources to make more and to do more.

And so it came to pass that Êl and Angolon dispatched messenger dragonflies throughout the realm with an asking of its peoples. The message asked simply for folk great and small from far and wide to journey to Angolon’s apothecary and trade.

For his creations, made with his own two hands, he asked in exchange for items which may seem of little worth of significance, barks and muds and flowers, roots and leaves and more. For one never knows what will be the key to the greatest discoveries.

Sometimes, it is little more than a story.

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