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Viking Whetstone Pendant
Viking Whetstone Pendant
Wazoo Survival Gear

Viking Whetstone Pendant

$ 30.00

About This Precious…

The Viking Whetstone Pendant modernizes a traditional Viking tool using world-famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite. Designed as a great general-purpose fieldstone for knife-edge maintenance, with a medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size). Each stone is carefully chosen, hand-cut, ground and drilled. Each Whetstone Pendant is hand-tied using a unique knot that we call the “Napoleon Claw” and inspired by Viking/Celtic knot-work.


Cord Length: Adjusts from 15"-28"

Whetstone Size: 1.9"

About the Brand

Houston, Texas

About the Brand

There are all kinds of survival kits available online; some clip to your belt, some are small pill-like containers you can carry, some you put in your car, etc. The problem is they look like survival kits and no one wants to carry them on a daily basis. If you don't carry it every day, then you have to predict when you will be in a survival situation to take them with you. WSG makes survival kits that blend into everyday life. when you wear them, you'll never have to worry about them being there when you need them. Read the rest of the Wazoo Survival Gear story here.

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