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Seasonal Subscription: Beard Goods

Seasonal Subscription: Beard Goods

At the start of each new season, a package arrives on your doorstep. Inside you find your choice of Beard Oil, Balm or Wax of the season, but that wasn't a surprise. You knew that was coming. Because you are here, on this page, now.

Also included is a seasonal Lip Butter, for either you, or the significant other that steals it from you. If you are already taking the time to make your beard soft and redolent, ones lips should be as smooth as possible too for those up close moments, eh? 

But you know there is also something else inside, a SURPRISE this time (full size, too, not samples). It could be a T-Shirt, or a Deepwell Beard Butter or something even more expensive and luxurious like a Moonsands Sugar Scrub or one of our Shave Oils to take care of the parts around the edges of the beard. 

There will also be Realm SWAG galore, in the forms of Stickers, Buttons, Trading Cards, Bookmarks and more. Give yourself (or a beard close to you) gifts of the finest beard goods in the realm, in all the seasons the year has to offer.