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Pashmina Scarf • College Ruled
Pashmina Scarf • College Ruled
Pashmina Scarf • College Ruled
Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Pashmina Scarf • College Ruled

$ 44.00

About This Precious…

Winter coming, staying and going again takes, like, 9 months out of the year here in the Middle West. This big ol' scarf will keep you cozy without getting overheated for the grossest chunk of the year.

Why Is This Super Special?

Are you Too Cool for School? Hot for Teacher? We present to you, this lined paper pashmina scarf, because you've got the Write Stuff. We dare you not to doodle!

  • Size: 74" x 28" with 3" tassels on both ends
  • Weight: Regular - soft and fluffy, nice for cooler months
About the Brand

Detroit, Michigan

About the Brand

Noticing a distinct lack of creative AND sophisticated neckwear on the market, Cyberoptix Tie Lab got to work the old fashioned way, all by hand, with no automation, machines, press or even clamps - and they have the arms to prove it. Read the rest of the Cyberoptix Tie Lab story here.

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